Kunle Group Student Lunch

When: Thursdays at 12:00 pm
Where: Room 358 of the Gates building

Preferred list of restaurants

Previous Schedules

Spring 2022:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
3/31 N/A Status Updates N/A
4/7 Nathan N/A N/A
4/14 Tian N/A N/A
4/21 Alex N/A N/A
4/28 Sho N/A N/A
5/5 Tushar N/A N/A
5/12 Luigi N/A N/A
5/19 DAWN Retreat N/A N/A
5/26 Rubens N/A N/A
6/2 Olivia N/A N/A

Winter 2022:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
1/6 N/A Status Updates N/A
1/13 Nathan N/A N/A
1/20 Alex N/A N/A
1/27 Tushar N/A N/A
2/3 Sho N/A N/A
2/10 Paul N/A N/A
2/17 Tian N/A N/A
2/24 Rubens N/A N/A
3/3 Hashem N/A N/A
3/10 Olivia N/A N/A
3/17 Luigi N/A N/A

Autumn 2022:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
9/30 N/A Status Updates N/A
10/7 Olivia N/A N/A
10/14 Tian N/A N/A
10/22 Nathan N/A N/A
10/28 N/A N/A N/A
11/4 Sho N/A N/A
11/11 Alex N/A N/A
11/18 Paul, Rubens N/A N/A
11/25 Thanksgiving N/A N/A
12/2 Luigi N/A N/A

Spring 2021:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
7/1 N/A Status Updates N/A
7/8 Paul N/A N/A
7/15 Olivia N/A N/A
7/22 Alex N/A N/A
7/29 Tian N/A N/A
8/5 N/A N/A N/A
8/12 Tushar N/A N/A
8/19 Sho N/A N/A
8/26 Nathan N/A N/A
9/2 TBD N/A N/A
9/9 Luigi N/A N/A
9/16 Alex N/A N/A
9/23 Tushar N/A N/A

Winter 2021:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
1/7 N/A Status Updates N/A
1/14 Alex N/A N/A
1/21 Matt N/A N/A
1/28 Olivia N/A N/A
2/4 Tushar N/A N/A
2/11 Tian N/A N/A
2/18 Nathan N/A N/A
2/25 Luigi N/A N/A
3/4 TBD. N/A N/A
3/11 TBD. N/A N/A
3/18 TBD. N/A N/A

Fall 2021:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
9/17 N/A Status Updates N/A
9/24 Matt N/A N/A
10/1 Alex N/A N/A
10/8 Olivia N/A N/A
10/15 Tian N/A N/A
10/22 Tushar N/A N/A
10/29 Nathan N/A N/A
11/5 Shahbaz N/A N/A
11/12 Luigi N/A N/A
11/19 TBD. N/A N/A
11/26 Thanksgiving N/A N/A
12/3 TBD. N/A N/A
12/10 Rotation students. N/A N/A

Summer 2020:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
6/25 N/A Status Updates N/A
7/2 Alex N/A N/A
7/9 Luigi N/A N/A
7/16 Matt N/A N/A
7/23 Tian N/A N/A
7/30 Nathan N/A N/A
8/6 Tushar N/A N/A
8/13 Shahbaz N/A N/A
8/20 TBD. N/A N/A
8/27 CURIS / REU Students N/A N/A

Spring 2020:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
4/9 N/A Status Updates N/A
4/16 Matt F. N/A N/A
4/23 Yaqi N/A N/A
4/30 Alex N/A N/A
5/7 Tushar N/A N/A
5/14 Tian N/A N/A
5/21 Matt V. N/A N/A
5/28 Shahbaz N/A N/A
6/4 Nathan N/A N/A
6/11 Rotation Students N/A N/A

Fall 2019:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
9/26 N/A Status Updates Tian
10/3 Matt F. N/A Nathan
10/10 Nathan N/A Matt V.
10/17 Shahbaz N/A Yaqi
10/24 Yaqi N/A Matt V.
10/31 Tian N/A Matt F.
11/7 Alex N/A Alex
11/14 Matt V. N/A Tian
11/21 Tushar N/A Shahbaz
11/28 Holiday N/A N/A
12/5 Nathan N/A Tushar
12/12 Rotation Students N/A Matt V.


Summer 2019:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
6/27 N/A Status Updates Shahbaz
7/4 N/A Holiday N/A
7/11 Matt F. N/A Matt V.
7/18 Tushar N/A Yaqi
7/25 Tian N/A Luigi
8/1 Yaqi N/A Matt F.
8/8 Shahbaz N/A Alex
8/15 Alex N/A Tian
8/22 Luigi N/A Rekha
8/29 Matt V. N/A Tushar
9/12 TBD N/A Shahbaz
9/19 TBD N/A Matt V.

Winter 2018:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
1/10 N/A Status Updates Tian
1/17 Matt F. N/A Tushar
1/24 Tian N/A Matt V.
1/31 Yaqi N/A Nathan
2/7 Matt V. N/A Luigi
2/14 Luigi N/A Yaqi
2/21 Rekha N/A Matt F.
2/28 Tushar N/A Alex
3/7 Nathan N/A Tian
3/14 Alex N/A Rekha
3/21 Rotation Students N/A Tushar

Fall 2018:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
9/27 N/A Status Updates Alex
10/4 Rekha Overview of Projects at Tata Group Tushar
10/11 Alex Tungsten: A Simulator for Data-Dependent Plasticine Applications Tian
10/18 Luigi ASPLOS rebuttal Matt V.
10/25 Tushar N/A Nathan
11/1 Matt V. N/A Yaqi
11/8 Nathan N/A Matt F.
11/15 Shahbaz N/A Luigi
11/22 Thanksgiving No Talk N/A
11/29 Stefan N/A Rekha
12/6 Yaqi N/A Stefan
12/13 Rotation Students N/A Dan

Summer 2018:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
6/28 N/A Status Updates Tian
7/5 Stefan TBD Masahiro
7/12 Masahiro TBD Tushar
7/19 Yaqi TBD Matt V.
7/26 Matt F. TBD Alex
8/2 Matt V. TBD Stefan
8/9 Luigi TBD Tian
8/16 Tushar TBD Tian
8/23 Tian TBD Yaqi
8/30 Murali TBD Luigi
9/6 Alex TBD Matt F.

Spring 2018:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
4/5 N/A Status Updates Tian
4/12 David PLDI paper results Tushar
4/19 Masahiro TBD Matt F.
4/26 Matt V. TBD Luigi
5/3 Tian TBD Nathan
5/10 Matt F. TBD Alex
5/17 Nathan TBD Matt V.
5/24 Luigi TBD David
5/31 Kunle ISCA Keynote Raghu
6/7 Tushar TBD Yaqi
6/14 Ardavan TBD Tian

Winter 2018:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
1/11 N/A Status Updates David
1/18 Ardavan TBD Tushar
1/25 Chris A. TBD Stefan
2/1 Stefan TBD Raghu
2/8 Luigi TBD Tian
2/15 David TBD Yaqi
2/22 Tushar TBD Luigi
3/1 Raghu TBD Matt V.
3/8 Yaqi TBD Nathan
3/15 Megan TBD Matt F.
3/22 Rotation Students TBD Chris A.

Fall 2017:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
9/28 N/A Status Updates Tian
10/5 Luigi TBD Matt V.
10/12 Tushar TBD Tian
10/19 Tian TBD Matt F.
10/26 Ardavan TBD Raghu
11/2 David TBD Yaqi
11/9 Raghu TBD David
11/16 Yaqi TBD Stefan
11/23 Thanksgiving Day Cancelled Cancelled
11/30 Matt F TBD Ardavan
12/7 Matt V. TBD Tushar
12/14 Rotation Students TBD Chris A.

Summer 2017:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
6/29 N/A Status Updates Tian
7/6 Tian TBD Ruben
7/13 Ardavan TBD Tushar
7/20 Tushar TBD Raghu
7/27 Ruben TBD Stefan
8/3 Yaqi TBD David
8/10 David TBD Yaqi
8/17 CURIS students TBD Matt F.
8/24 Matt F. TBD Matt V.
8/31 Stefan TBD Ardavan
9/7 Raghu TBD Chris D.
9/14 Matt V. TBD Chris A.

Spring 2017:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
4/6 N/A Status Updates Ruben
4/13 Nicole Defense Practice Talk Tian
4/20 Ardavan TBD Yaqi
4/27 Stefan TBD Raghu
5/4 Ruben TBD David
5/11 Yaqi TBD Tian
5/18 David TBD Chris A.
5/25 Ahmed Hemani SiLago TBD Matt F.
6/1 Matt F. TBD Matt V.
6/8 Tian TBD Ruben
6/15 Matt V. TBD Tian

Winter 2017:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
1/12 N/A Status Updates Tian
1/19 Luigi Nardi Multi-objective Design Exploration and Its Application to Algorithmic Optimization in Real-time Robot Vision Tian
1/26 Chris D. TBD Yaqi
2/2 David TBD Raghu
2/9 Raghu TBD David
2/16 Stefan TBD Chris D.
2/23 ETH visit ZipML Chris A.
3/2 Tian Brief Overview of NLP language models and applications of RNN Nicole
3/9 Nicole TBD Matt
3/16 Matt TBD David
3/23 Rotating Students TBD TBD

Summer 2016:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
6/23 Chris A. SIGMOD Practice Talk Alex
6/30 Matt TBD David
7/7 Chris D. TBD Chris A.
7/14 Jidong TBD Yaqi
7/21 Nicole TBD Raghu
7/28 Kevin / Damien The Magic of Scala Macros / Scalan: Huawei's Delite Chris D.
8/4 Matt TBD David
8/11 Juan CURIS Presentation Raghu
8/18 David Practice Talk Matt
8/25 Jason, Michael CURIS Presentations Nicole
9/1 TBD TBD Alex
9/8 Damien TBD Yaqi
9/15 Raghu TBD Matt

Spring 2016:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
3/31 N/A Status Updates David
4/7 Kevin TBD Alex
4/14 Chris D. TBD Chris A.
4/21 David TBD Yaqi
4/28 Nicole TBD Raghu
5/5 Alex TBD Chris D.
5/12 Chris A. ICDE Practice Talk David
5/19 Yaqi TBD Raghu
5/26 Kevin Defense Practice Talk Nicole
6/2 Damien TBD Kevin
6/9 Raj TBD Matt

Winter 2016:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
1/7 N/A Status Updates David
1/14 David Upcoming Forge Features Chris A.
1/21 Kevin TBD Yaqi
1/28 Nicole TBD Cedric
2/4 Chris A. TBD Boris
2/11 Chris D. TBD Nicole
2/18 Yaqi TBD Chris D.
2/25 Matt TBD Tayo
3/3 Raghu TBD David
3/10 Cedric, Boris TBD Kevin
3/17 Ross, Alex TBD Alex
3/24 Raghu ASPLOS Practice Talk TBD

Fall 2015:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
9/24 N/A Status Updates David
10/1 Kevin TBD Raghu
10/8 David TBD Chris A.
10/15 Chris D. TBD Alex
10/22 N/A Status Updates Kevin
10/29 Chenyue TBD Chris D.
11/5 Nicole TBD Lawrence
11/12 Chris A. TBD David
11/19 Alex TBD Cedric
12/3 Cedric, Boris, Yaqi TBD Nicole
12/10 N/A Status Updates David
12/17 TBD TBD Chris A

Summer 2015:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
6/25 N/A Status Updates David
7/02 Chris D. TBD David
7/09 Raghu TBD Chris A.
7/16 Chris A. TBD Nicole
7/23 N/A Status Updates Kevin
7/30 Kevin TBD Tayo
8/06 Haley TBD Chris D.
8/13 Marcelo TBD Lawrence
8/20 N/A Status Updates Chris A.
8/27 Jeff TBD Kevin
9/03 Nicole TBD Chris D.
9/10 David TBD David
9/17 Lawrence TBD Nicole

Spring 2015:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer Location
04/02 N/A Status Updates David
04/09 Kevin B. TBD Lawrence
04/16 Jithin TBD Chris A.
04/23 Tayo TBD Jithin
04/30 Chris D. TBD David
05/06 N/A Status Updates Jithin Gates 219
05/14 Chris A. TBD HyoukJoong
05/21 Lawrence TBD Kevin B.
05/28 Nicole TBD Chris D.
06/04 HyoukJoong TBD Tayo
06/11 David TBD David

Winter 2015:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
01/08 N/A Status Updates David K.
01/15 Kevin B. TBD Chris A.
01/22 Tayo TBD Jithin
01/29 HyoukJoong TBD Lawrence
02/05 Chris A. TBD Andres
02/12 Chris D. TBD Kevin B.
02/19 Andres TBD HyoukJoong
02/26 HyoukJoong TBD Nicole
03/05 Lawrence TBD Chris D.
03/12 David K. TBD Tayo
03/19 Nicole TBD Jithin

Fall 2014:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Buyer
9/25 N/A Status Updates N/A
10/2 Tai TBD N/A
10/9 Nicole Characterizing PageRank on Green-Marl and GraphLab N/A
10/16 Jithin Delite Performance Debugger N/A
10/23 Tayo GraphOps N/A
10/30 David TBD Chris D.
11/6 HyoukJoong TBD Kevin B.
11/13 Chris A TBD Tai
11/20 Kevin C. TBD David
12/4 Stefan and Kuan TBD Tayo
12/11 Kevin K. and Andres TBD HyoukJoong

Summer 2014:

Date Speaker Topic
6/26 N/A Status Updates
7/10 HyoukJoong TBD
7/31 Kevin B TBD
8/7 Chris A, Marina, Jennifer Visualizing OptiGraph graphs
9/4 Derek TBD
9/11 Chris DS TBD
9/18 Lawrence TBD

Spring 2014:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch Location
4/3 N/A Status Updates -
4/10 Nicole Characterizing Parallel Graph Analysis Algorithms: Status Update -
4/17 HyoukJoong TBD -
4/24 Chris DS TBD Gates 104
5/1 David K TBD Gates 211*
5/8 Lawrence TBD Gates 211*
5/15 Jithin TBD Gates 211*
5/22 Chris A TBD Gates 104
5/29 Tayo TBD Gates 211*
6/5 Kevin C TBD Gates 211*
6/12 Derek TBD Gates 415*

*See Darlene about checking out a projector for your presentation.

Winter 2014:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
1/9 N/A Status Updates Lawrence
1/16 Kevin B TBD Arvind
1/23 Arvind TBD Chris DS
1/30 Chris DS TBD Jithin
2/6 Kevin C TBD HyoukJoong
2/13 HyoukJoong TBD Kevin B
2/20 Nicole Profiling for Performance: Intel VTune Amplifier Kevin C
2/27 Lawrence TBD Nicole
3/6 Anand TBD Tayo
3/13 Chris A TBD Chris A

Guest Speaker

Georg Ofenbeck
TBD Anand

Fall 2013:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
9/26 Tayo Using Big CPU Cores as Accelerators Nicole
10/3 Arvind TBD Chris
10/10 Kevin B TBD Anand
10/17 Chris TBD Arvind
10/24 Kevin C TBD Tayo
10/31 Anand TBD HyoukJoong
11/7 Nicole On Fast Parallel Detection of Strongly Connected Components (SCC) in Small-World Graphs Lawrence
11/14 Lawrence TBD Kevin C
11/21 HyoukJoong TBD David K
12/5 Seo Jin P, Chris A, Jithin T TBD Raghu P
12/12 David K, Ben H, Raghu P TBD Chris A

Summer 2013:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
7/11 Arvind Future of Parallel DSLs Kevin B
7/18 Tayo FPGA Synthesis Lawrence
7/25 Chris Parallel Loop Transformations Nicole

Guest Speaker

Alina Sbîrlea

Guest Speaker

Yannis Klonatos
TBD Arvind
8/15 Kevin B TBD HyoukJoong

Guest Speaker

TBD Anand
8/29 Nicole Characterizing Parallel Graph Analysis Algorithms Tayo
9/5 Anand TBD Kevin B
9/12 Lawrence TBD Kevin C
9/19 HyoukJoong TBD Lawrence

Spring 2013:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
4/4 Anand TBD Lawrence
4/11 Tayo TBD HyoukJoong
4/18 HyoukJoong TBD Arvind
4/25 Chris CANCELED Kevin
5/2 Kevin TBD Nicole
5/9 Chris TBD Sungpack
5/16 Jared TBD Edward
5/23 Nicole TBD Chris
5/30 Lawrence TBD Austin
6/6 Austin TBD Anand

Winter 2013:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
1/10 Tayo TBD Arvind
1/17 Austin TBD HyoukJoong
1/24 Anand TBD Kevin B
1/31 HyoukJoong TBD Sungpack
2/7 Chris TBD Yonathan
2/14 Kevin B Spark Nicole
2/21 Jared TBD Chris
2/28 Arvind TBD Anand
3/7 Lawrence TBD Austin
3/14 N/A TBD Jared
3/21 Nicole Characterizing Parallel Social and Information Network Analysis Algorithms Tayo

Fall 2012:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
9/27 N/A N/A Chris
10/4 CANCELED: Kunle travelling
10/11 Anand Improving robot capability while decreasing power and cost using cloud computation Nicole
10/18 Nicole GPU Architecture Tradeoffs for Irregular Applications Anand
10/25 HyoukJoong PCM: An Abstract Model for Targeting Heterogeneous Accelerators Samuel
11/1 Chris Introduction to Convex Optimization, Parallel Solvers, and OptiCVX Kevin C
11/8 Kevin B Google Protocol Buffers Austin
11/15 Jared TBD Tayo
11/22 CANCELED: Thanksgiving break
11/29 CANCELED: PPL retreat
12/6 Lawrence TBD Jared
12/13 Arvind TBD Lawrence
12/20 Unassigned TBD Unassigned

Summer 2012:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
7/5 Kevin Monads Tayo
7/19 Tayo IR for Verilog Generation Jared
7/26 Jared Future of Microprocessors Sang
8/2 Sang Sparse Matrix Accelerator Lawrence
8/9 Lawrence Neural Network Emulation Framework Arvind
8/16 Arvind Scalable Development of High Performance DSLs HyoukJoong
8/23 Jonathan (REU student) -- Sungpack
8/30 Curran (CURIS student) -- Kevin

Spring 2012:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
4/5 Sungpack Simplified Scalable Graph Analysis with Green-Marl Lawrence
4/12 SangKyun Matrix Accelerator Current Progress and Performance Michael
4/26 Michael OptiSDR: A DSL for Software-Defined Radio Tayo
5/3 Jared Accelerating Database Joins Nicole
5/10 Hassan Scaling High-Performance Domain-Specific Language Implementation with Delite Anand
5/17 Kevin Data Structures in Delite SangKyun
5/24 Nicole A Simulation-Based Study of Graph Algorithm Characteristics Arvind
6/14 HyoukJoong Scalable Accelerator Framework for Delite Jared
6/21 Lawrence HyoukJoong

Winter 2012:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
1/12 N/A Status Updates Michael
1/19 Jaeho DSL for Querying Subgraphs from Heterogeneous Graphs Lawrence
1/26 HyoukJoong Delite GPU Execution Model for Parallel Filter and Reduction Tayo
2/2 Victoria OptiGraph: A Scala-Embedded DSL for Graph Analysis Built With Delite Nicole
2/9 Lawrence Utilizing Static Analysis to Build a Neural Network Compiler Anand
2/16 Hassan Spoofax: an Overview SangKyun
2/23 Sugako Otani (Guest)
Derek Hower (Guest)
PEACH: A Multicore Communication SoC with PCI Express
Acoherent Shared Memory
3/1 Arvind Delite DSL Demo HyoukJoong
3/8 Nicole Analysis of Parallel Graph Traversal Algorithms Jared
3/15 Anand Low-cost Cloud-based Robots Sungpack
3/22 Tayo Efficient Hardware for Graphs: FPGAs Kevin

Fall 2011:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
9/29 Sungpack Improving Graph Search for a Commercial Product Tayo
10/6 Anand Start-up Experiences Nicole
10/13 HyoukJoong Parallel Building Blocks for Relational Joins on GPU Anand
10/20 Nicole Analysis of BFS with Varying Cache Parameters SangKyun
10/27 Lawrence Deep Animation Arvind
11/3 Tayo FPGA-based Architecture for Large Fixed-Point Graph Algorithms Victoria
11/10 Kevin Parallel Loops and Loop Fusion Jared
11/17 Michael OptiMesh: Liszt on Delite Lin
12/1 Jared Accelerating Database Joins - Update HyoukJoong
12/8 SangKyun Matrix Accelerator Status Report Sungpack
12/15 Arvind Monads!? Kevin

Summer 2011:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
6/16 Philipp DSL Debugging Kevin
6/23 HyoukJoong & Zach AFDS Trip Report HyoukJoong
7/7 Jared MAX Compiler Overview Lawrence
7/14 Kevin TBD Michael
7/21 Arvind Distributed ML Tayo
7/28 CANCELED TBD SangKyun
8/4 Lawrence TBD Joel
8/10 Joel TBD Lawrence
8/17 Tayo TBD Arvind
8/24 Nora & Frank TBD HyoukJoong
9/1 Michael TBD Jared
9/8 SangKyun TBD Philipp
9/15 TBD TBD Michael
9/22 Philipp TBD Kevin

Spring 2011:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
3/31 N/A Status Updates Bo
4/7 HyoukJoong Delite 2.0 GPU Execution Tayo
4/14 Lawrence Linearly Scalable Neural Networks Nicole
4/21 Tayo Hardware Support in Data-Driven Non-Coherent CMPs Arvind
4/28 SangKyun Matrix Accelerator: Status Report and Current Challenges Hassan
5/5 Hassan Delite HyoukJoong
5/12 CANCELED PPL Retreat N/A
5/19 Michael DeLizst: Liszt on Delite Jared
5/26 Sungpack Green-Marl Compiler Status & Implementation Issues SangKyun
6/2 CANCELED Scala Days N/A
6/9 CANCELED Finals Week N/A

Winter 2011:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
1/6 N/A Status updates HyoukJoong
1/13 N/A Status updates Anand
1/20 Sungpack CUDA graph algorithms Hassan
1/27 Jared TBD Kevin
2/3 Kevin TBD Jared
2/10 Sungpack CUDA graph algorithms (PPoPP) Sungpack
2/17 Sugako Otani (Guest) TBD SangKyun
2/24 Arvind TBD HyoukJoong
3/3 Jared ASPLOS practice Lawrence
3/17 Nicole A Memory System Approach to Improved Graph Algorithm Efficiency Michael

Fall 2010:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
9/30 N/A Status updates Arvind
10/7 TBD TBD Sungpack
10/14 Hassan Language Virtualization for Heterogeneous Parallel Computing Tayo
10/28 Tayo Intel paper comparing GPU vs. CPU throughput Lawrence
11/11 SangKyun Sparsifying and Generalizing RBMs on FPGAs Anand
11/18 Bo TBD Michael
12/2 Michael TBD Bo

Summer 2010:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
7/8 N/A Status updates Darlene
7/15 Nathan PODC talk Arvind
8/5 Arvind Language support for embedded DSLs Hassan
8/12 Anand TBD Joe
8/19 Kevin TBD Naran
9/2 Joe/Naran TBD Lere
9/9 TBD TBD Jared
9/16 Lere TBD Kevin

Spring 2010:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
4/1 Kevin DELITE Runtime: Work Splitting Details and Status Tayo
4/8 Nathan Lawrence
4/15 N/A N/A [Meeting Canceled] N/A
4/22 N/A N/A [Meeting Canceled] N/A
4/29 SangKyun FCCM Practice Talk Jared
5/6 Lawrence Scaling DBNs SangKyun
5/13 Arvind OptiML 2.0 Kevin
5/20 Hassan Virtualizing Languages Nathan
5/27 HyoukJoong Optimizing Performance of DELITE GPU Runtime Anand
6/3 Jared HyoukJoong

Winter 2010:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
1/21 N/A Status Report Nathan
1/28 Hassan Dynamic Languages: SEJITS and V8 JavaScript Kevin
2/4 Tayo Cache Architectures on x86-64 SMPs: Barcelona and Nehalem SangKyun
2/11 HyoukJoong DELITE Runtime: GPU Management Hassan
2/18 Martin Odersky Scala Conversation HyoukJoong
2/25 Sangkyun Brain in Box Update, Dynamic Filtering Anand
3/4 Sungpack Griffin: Relaxed MapReduce Arvind
3/11 Anand Robotics Sungpack

Fall 2009:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
10/1 Sungpack Map Reduce Tayo
10/8 N/A Intro and Status Sangkyun
10/15 Jared STM Protocols Hassan
10/22 Lawrence Deep Belief Networks Arvind
10/29 Kevin Liszt Tayo
11/5 Nathan Transactional Predication Sungpack
11/12 Arvind TBD Jared
11/19 Kyle BEE3 Activities Lawrence

Summer 2009:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
6/25 All Status Report Sang Kyun
7/2 Tayo ISCA report Tayo
7/9 Lere Porting LINQ to Scala Xavier
7/16 Lawrence TBD Ervin
7/23 Nathan TBD Lere
7/30 TBD TBD Hassan
8/6 Ervin TBD Nathan
8/13 Xavier TBD Sungpack
8/20 Hassan Delite Lawrence
8/27 Sangkyun Practice Talk Jared

Spring 2009:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
4/2 Arvind ML DSL Sang Kyun
4/9 Sungpack TBD Tayo
4/16 Nathan Heap Access Assertions Nathan
4/23 Jared TBD Peter
4/30 (canceled)
5/7 Jared or Tayo TBD Lawrence
5/14 Hassan TBD Sungpack
5/21 Peter TBD Hassan
5/28 Sang Kyun TBD Arvind

Winter 2009:

Date Speaker Topic Lunch buyer
3/5 No Speaker Status to Kunle Peter
3/26 Spring Break